GP consultation underway in the New England

In July 2016, the NEDGP took a new and exciting step in taking on the role of education delivery for its members and developing a sustainable education program by contracting Panacea Health Services to deliver this program.

To begin this process consultant at Panacea Health services Kyra Moss has been meeting with members one on one and in groups to facilitate meaningful conversations around GP needs and expectations for education and membership of the organisation.

“The needs analysis is an important process that helps to inform education planning but also seeks to re-engage members in a larger conversation about how they engage with the program”.

All members will be offered this face to face consultation and input but are also able to provide feedback autonomously by contacting Kyra on 0432347526 or

So far the consultation process has been received very positively by the members, “we believe this is an illustration of the value of NEDGP as an organisation. Their recent move to take on education delivery is very well received”, Kyra said.

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